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c o l l e c t i o n

We seek and reminisce our childhood summers that we were happy with simple things.

The cool feel of the first swim in the sea, the freshly picked wildflowers, the figs in straw baskets picked directly from the fig trees, the breezy homemade lemonades and sour cherry juices, the true smell of vegetables and fruits from the village's fields, the midday siesta reading comic books, the shells and sea stones from the beach that we later painted, the appetizers at the taverns by the sea, the popsicles and ice creams melting on our hands, the holidays at the village with our grandparents, the cicadas' lullaby during the hot noon, the breakfast with freshly baked bread and homemade jam, the first loves, the endless games in the streets till the sunset, the saltiness of the sea on our hair, the urchins' picking, the floaties and the inflatable boats, the hide-n-seek and the chasing games, the watermelon's taste on the lips, the nights counting stars and making dreams, the refreshing canned chocolate milk, the cassettes full of songs, the final account of ice creams and baths we had.

We lived those summers as they deserved: carefree.

Let's embrace this summer in a new way.




WE ARE Kalliopi & Petros.

WE ARE two creative siblings designing happy clothes for happy people.

WE ARE the creators of our own patterns and designs for the modern woman who is simultaneously fashion-forward and vintage inspired.

WE ARE lovers of quality and details that create a versatile day-to-night wardrobe.


WE ARE simply your next new addiction.

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